Massages Using Food Grade Lubricants

Massages can be a wonderfully relaxing experience that allows you to release pent-up tension and toxins. Your blood and lymph systems are stimulated, and natural endorphins are released. However, you want to be sure that any products you use during the massage are good for your body.

Massages performed with food grade lubricants are preferable to those based on petroleum products. Your skin naturally absorbs what it applied to your skin, particularly when rubbed into the flesh. Avoiding chemical applications as much as possible makes good sense!

There are many carrier oils that you can use for a home massage that will work wonderfully for your needs. You can order them at your local health food store or your favorite online retailer. Apricot seed, avocado, and almond are a few of the choices you will encounter.

Make sure that the oil you choose contains 100 percent of what the label says. Unfortunately, some products are named after only one ingredient, ignoring the unhealthy fillers that are there to bring the price down. Read the label, and check online reviews of the manufacturer if you want to be sure.

You can add other things to your massage oil, provided that these ingredients are natural and safe. For instance, you may wish to blend a bit of aloe vera gel or juice into the mix because it is excellent for skin health. It is too sticky to use alone; one part per five or six of carrier oil is a good ratio.

While essential oils by nature are not food grade, you can use high-quality ones to supplement your massage experience. In this case, you want to be sure that the oils are pure, manufactured and distributed by reputable businesses.

Select essential oils for massage based on what you are feeling and what you wish to accomplish. For instance, if the massage is meant to invigorate, you will use a different blend of oils than if the goal is relaxation.

Dozens of essential oils are regularly utilized for this purpose, and you should learn about the most common ones and how to use them correctly. This will give you the knowledge to create your special blends.

Begin taking charge of your health by making better choices regarding the products you put on your skin. Using only these oils and enhancers will maximize the benefits of your massage sessions, leaving your muscles knot-free, your mind directed in the desired direction, and your skin soft and smooth from the natural oils.

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